Happy Father’s Day from Salty Seamen and the gang at Navy Dive Shirts

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Just Navy Dive Shirts’ way of saying a big HOOYAH to all the Dads!

Use Coupon Code “whosyourDADDY?” for 20% Off at Checkout. Watch the video, and hear from the Salty Seamen himself, happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the Nation’s Warfighters

Today we salute you. Mr. “Family Man Who Wears the Cloth of Our Nation.”

He, who sacrifices time with family to tend to the needs of our great country, understanding that more responsibility is a reward for hard work, and that a day off is very rarely ever actually a day off.
(That’s why Father’s Day falls on a Sunday!)

Sure there’s danger – rough seas, enemies both foreign and domestic, and even scarier – a child graduating from high school.

Your keen instincts tell you that you are prepared for anything. You can control those difficult situations and make fair and impartial decisions.
(You’re grounded!)

So enjoy your day Fathers of the Navy. ‘Cause we all know, when the going gets tough, the tough turn to Dad.
(Family Man Who Wears the Cloth of Our Nation)

source: https://allhands.navy.mil/Stories/Display-Story/Article/1839507/happy-fathers-day-to-the-nations-warfighters/

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