Navy Dive Shirt Designs Inspired by the ‘Can Do’ Attitude of The U.S. Navy Seabees

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U.S. Navy Seabees: “The Impossible Takes a Little Longer.”

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United States Naval Construction Battalions, better known as the Navy Seabees, form the U.S. Naval Construction Force (NCF), and Seabees serve both in and outside the the U.S. Naval Construction Force.

Naval Construction Battalions were conceived of as replacements for civilian construction companies in combat zones after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Able to work anywhere, under any conditions or circumstances. It was realized that CBs were flexible, and adaptable and could be utilized in every theater of operations.


CB Navy Yard Bougainville with the Seabee ExpressionThey have a storied legacy of creative field ingenuity, stretching from Normandy and Okinawa to Iraq and Afghanistan. Adm. Ernest King wrote to the Seabees on their second anniversary, “Your ingenuity and fortitude have become a legend in the naval service.” Seabees believe that anything they are tasked with, they “Can Do”. Their official motto is “We build, we fight.” However the motto “can do” has also been adopted and received significant depiction in the 1944 film The Fighting Seabees.


Tektite I assembled by ACB 2The Naval Construction Battalions: “Navy Seabees.”

Seabees add a whole new meaning to the term construction deadlines and they have the skillset to get the job done! Together with their USMC training and ability to appropriate anything, they provide the Navy with an unconventional asset found nowhere else in the U.S military.


Buy SEABEE Inspired Shirt Designs by Navy Dive Shirts

UCT Underwater Construction Teams ‘Can Do’ Series

This retro-cool style of the classic battle-hardened Seabee in a buff anthropomorphized form embodies the “Can Do” attitude of this badass diver design in a Classic T-Shirt, Tank Top, Long Sleeve, and Hoodie so you’ll look good, and stay comfortable, in our apparel that’s proven to stand up under less-than-perfect conditions! Perfect for UCT Divers: “Land or Sea, We Build, We Fight, Can Do!” with the classic Seabee Bee on front.

Don’t ‘F’ Around Series

This classic expression of the UCT Seabee Diver’s “Can Do” attitude is designed with an anthropomorphized illustration of the battle bee with a few of his favorite things… hot mermaids, badass power tools, and plenty of firepowers! Features type “Seabee Divers: We Go Up, We Go Down, We Don’t Even ‘*!@#’ Around” on the back of our Classic T-Shirt, Tank Top, Long Sleeve, or Hoodie with the classic Seabee Bee on the front so you’ll look good, and stay comfortable, on the job.

Classic Seabees Logo

Battle-scarred but full of fight! Flying, firing and fixing, multitasking with the single-minded focus of a warrior. Enjoy the basic simple and classic Seabees logo surrounded by a corded hemp rope line on the back featuring “Seabees” type on the back of our Classic T-Shirt, Tank Top, Long Sleeve, or Hoodie with the classic Seabee Bee on the front. Simple, good.

Classic Seabees Description Series

Our ever-popular “Description” design tells it like it is: “1. Extremely rare, intelligent, nearly human creature; Carnivorous amphibian possessing extreme working habits. 2. Nocturnal trihogging demon with a dislike for clothing after dusk, very social, and known to perform lengthy rituals before entering the sea.” on the back of our Classic T-Shirt, Tank Top, Long Sleeve, or Hoodie with the classic Seabee Divers text on the front. A class favorite!.

Seabee Accessories

Along with our apparel, check out the accessories for Seabee Divers. Like this Water Bottle to quench your thirst in style with this stainless steel water bottle. This water bottle features a double-wall stainless steel construction that makes it a robust companion to all your excursions. This steel water bottle comes with a sports lid for easy sipping, making it excellent for all types of sports as well as training days at the gym and beyond. Or our popular Navy Seabee Coffee Mug. And Never run out of your favorite hot drink! Bigger size durable ceramic mug in the always fashionable black color. High quality sublimation printing makes it an appreciated gift to every true coffee or tea lover, who always asks for a refill.

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