Meet our new “badass spokesperson” from down below: ‘Salty Seamen’ Grab the t-shirt for only $19.97!

image of navy dive shirt's "Salty Seamen" illustration

Been Staying Busy “Down-Below”

illustration of mermaidNice to meet yah, I been busy “down-below” if you know what I mean, and even though I rarely come up for air when I am “busy” I thought it was a good time to make yer acquaintance and let you know I’ll be around from time to time, lettin ya know about deals we have on Men’s and Women’s T-Shirts, Tanks, Shorts, Sweats, Hoodies, Hats, Neck Gaiters, Mugs, Stickers, Custom Designs, & More!

Some of you Salty Dogs, Bubbleheads, Spyglasses, Shipmates, Seabees, Sardines, Nukes, Mustang, Frogman, Docs, Boots, and Squids may not have heard about Navy Dive Shirts.

At Navy Dive Shirts we start with attention to detail.

Navy Dive Shirt’s designs are never made from those over-copied U.S. Navy graphic standards, but meticulously re-built and vectorized to reflect the original tone of the traditional engravings they’re based on.

Our original imprints are created under the “creative” direction of divers who add their own conceptual flare! No matter what your Rank or Class may be, Navy Dive Shirt’s designs are made from a place of great respect for the traditional classic design motifs and the “Quirky Personality Types” that make up the dedicated Divers, Frogmen, and Marine Medicine Men of the United States Navy.

Check out our featured Salty Seamen Apparel and Accessories

tank top imageFreshen up Yer U.S. Navy Dive-Locker!

Trade-in some of those beloved salty rags in yer Dive-Locker with some swag from Navy Dive Shirts. Divers look good, and we know it, so show off what you got with a new t-shirt or check out some of our newly added shorts and tanks for those warm-weather deployments.

Our tank tops are intended for anyone looking for great quality and softness. As most of our wearables, they’re 2-Sided (back is 12×16” and the front left pocket imprint area is 4×4″) Navy Blue with a Gold imprint.

Our men’s fleece shorts are soft, comfy, and great for lounging indoors or going out. The shorts have 1 back pocket, 2 jersey-lined hand pockets, and an elastic waistband with a shoestring drawcord.

Navy Dive Shirt’s customers deploy around the world so the weather isn’t always seasonal by civilian standards. Take it from Ole Salty Seamen here, you got nothing to worry about there either. We got you covered with comfortable clothing to keep ya warm and snug when it’s wet and cold. Long Sleeve Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Beanies, and more are designed for comfort and style.

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Custom Designs
Only $90

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We’ll Illustrate A Custom Shirt from your idea or sketch.

Just upload your drawings and we will do the rest, providing you with the original design and a revision for $90