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image of Navy Dive Shirt Design "Classic Fish" Back

statue of Poseidon flanked by Heraldic DolphinsThe first-class Navy Diver insignia has evolved from the insignia of the U.S. Submarine Service.

In this 2nd – 1st cent. B.C. Statue of Poseidon made from Parian marble. Found on Milos, along with the statue of Amphitrite inventory number 236. The larger than life-size statue depicts the god almost nude, wearing a himation covering only the lower part of his body. In his raised right hand he will have held the trident. Next to his right leg is a support in the form of a dolphin.

First Class Pin – Heraldic Dolphins come from the sub-community. These mythical fish/dolphins were tied closely to Poseidon the Greek god of the sea. It symbolizes speed and the ability to reach deep depths, and they surround the traditional MKV.

image of man wearing Navy Dive Shirt 1st Class Ensign and design by navy dive shirts

The insignia of the U.S. submarine service is a submarine flanked by two dolphins.

Dolphins, attendants to the Poseidon, Greek god of the sea and patron deity to sailors, is sometimes referred to as the sailor’s friend.  They were also chosen to represent the Submarine Service because of the characteristic way in which dolphins dive and surface.US Submarine Services Insignia

It is a bottlenose dolphin, but a stylized version of this mammal. Dolphins don’t have scales, but as can be found in classical depictions, scales were added for artistic effect.

The British also use this embellishment on the dolphins for their submarine insignia. However, some navies use more anatomically correct bottlenose dolphins in their designs.

Source: History of the Submariner’s Dolphins

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Our designs are not made from over-copied graphic standards, but meticulously re-built and vectorized to reflect the original tone of the traditional engravings they are based on. All of the original imprints were created under the direction of the divers who added their own conceptual flare! No matter what your Rank or Class may be, these designs are made from a place of great respect for the traditional classic design motifs and the “Quirky Personality Types” that make up the dedicated Divers, Frogmen, and Marine Medicine Men of the United States Navy.

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