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underwater navy salvage diverDid you know that Navy Divers are in demand?

These professionals perform underwater and onshore missions to help the Navy with its research and development. Navy divers can be officers, restricted fleet line personnel, medical corps personnel, or enlisted men and women qualified for underwater and onshore diving. They may work for fleet diving detachments, salvage operations, or in research and development. You can even become a Navy Diver if you’ve always wanted to dive underwater!

The Navy Divers perform a variety of tasks that are difficult for ordinary people.

They are equipped to perform underwater welding, search harbors for impediments, and even pull astronauts from space capsules. Navy Divers are highly-trained teammates and are a secret service of the Navy. And they’re not only capable of performing these Navy Deep Sea Diver Sealtasks; they’re also part of a community of elite specialists in the maritime industry.

To be a Navy Diver, you must first qualify for a Department of Defense security clearance.

You’ll also need to take the C-SORT test. It measures your physical fitness, psychological resilience, and other personality traits. You’ll be graded on a scale of one to four. Additionally, you’ll have to undergo a PST physical screening test. Once you’ve passed the test, you’ll have to pass a grueling selection process.

Navy Divers Dive the World Over!

Task Force 68 is the commanding authority for all naval expeditionary forces in Africa and Europe. Task Force 68 has divers from Ukraine, Canada, Poland, and Georgia. The Navy had planned to deploy a diving unit in 2020 to assist in yacht clearance missions but a COVID-19 pandemic forced Sea Breeze to stay at sea. Furthermore, the Marines are a special force that is essential in combat, and n addition to their many duties, Navy Divers are part of the Navy’s expeditionary forces.

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