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Starting with the attention to detail, and meticulously re-built and vectorized to reflect the original tone of the traditional engravings they are based on. All of the original imprints were created under the direction of the divers who added their own conceptual flare! These designs are made from a place of great respect for the traditional classic design motifs and the “Quirky Personality Types” that make up the dedicated Divers, Frogmen, and Marine Medicine Men of the United States Navy. These shirts are also perfectly appropriate for Snipes, Twiggits, Deck Apes, Airdales, Brown Shoes, PeeCee’s, Zero’s, Spooks, Black Shoes, Bubble Heads, Boots, and anyone else who think Navy Diver’s are cool!

Custom Designs
Only $90

Need a Custom or Class Design?

We’ll Illustrate A Custom Shirt from your idea or sketch.

Just upload your drawings and we will do the rest, providing you with the original design and a revision for $90