A Navy Diver’s Shirt is More Than a Salt-Stained Rag, it’s History!

image of vintage Navy tattoo

Got an Old/Vintage Navy Diver Shirt? Let Navy Dive Shirts Commemorate Your Service!

ACTION: Calling all Navy Divers! The Holy Grail of dive shirts are the ones hidden in the back of sea-faired diver’s lockers. Those tattered, salt-stained rags commemorate moments in history in their gold ink. Hit us up if you, your dad, mother, son, or daughter, aunt or uncle, or tadpole vintage designs they’d like to bring back, send them to us, we’re on the hunt to make them available again.

image of MKV Dive Helmet on T-Shirt


Dig up old dive shirts


Take picture


Email image


Get free shirt

Dig up those old/vintage Navy Diver shirts.

Even if they are washed out and worn-through, they’re not beyond repair. Even if it’s not on a shirt, but some old silkies with an old-school print on them, or a fading tattoo that would look great on a shirt, if it’s vintage Navy, our designers will meticulously re-create them to make them available for the young and old to wear again.

Just email us a snapshot of your Navy Diver artwork.

Take a picture of your old favorites and email them to info@navydiveshirts.com and put “Vintage Design” in the subject line, and we will reply ASAP to let you know if it’s a design we can add to our store, we will send you a free shirt once we have it produced!

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Chris Lussier, Public domain, via Wikimedia CommonsIf we use it, you get a free shirt!

There is a chance you may have a design we already have in our back catalog of designs. Our designers only have two tentacles (hands) but if you send us something we don’t have, we’ll send you a free shirt once we have added it to the store. Unless you prefer to remain anonymous, we will feature you or your veteran’s image on the product page, just for finding this gem of history.

Custom Designs
Only $90

Need a Custom or Class Design?

We’ll Illustrate A Custom Shirt from your idea or sketch.

Just upload your drawings and we will do the rest, providing you with the original design and a revision for $90